Ballet Boys: Four Reasons Your Son Should Take Ballet

4 November 2014
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Walk into any ballet studio around the country, and you will rows of little girls in tutus practicing pointing their toes and spotting the wall as they spin on one foot. You might encounter a boy or two, but for the most part this is a girls' territory. Regardless of what most people choose, ballet can give your son wonderful advantages that will stay with him through life. Here is why your boy should participate in ballet classes. Read More 

4 Fascinating Facts About Slot Machines

4 June 2014
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When you go to Las Vegas, or any other gambling-friendly location, you'll be greeted with the sights and sounds of the slot machines before anything else. Although the slots aren't the only popular diversion for gamblers, they're certainly high on the list. But did you know that slot machines used to give out items other than money, or that using them may help you relax? Here are a few of the most interesting facts that you never knew about slot machines. Read More 

Kids Develop Talents And Confidence With Hip Hop Dancing

13 February 2014
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Children require a lot of time and attention in order for them to grow up with confidence. You can enroll your kids in a lot of classes that will help their development. One thing you should be thinking about is a hip hop dance class in NY, if you live in NY. These classes have a lot of benefits for young children. They will become more confident with themselves. They will be more comfortable with their bodies. Read More