Looking For An Old Show To Binge Watch? Here Are 7 Shows That Changed The Face Of Television

1 June 2015
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With the ability to purchase or stream older television shows, many people like to "binge watch" old shows and enjoy something that they missed in the past. If you're looking for an old show to watch, you may want to watch a meaningful show that made a mark on society. If you want to watch a show that changed the face of television, here are 7 of them to consider.

America's Most Wanted

John Walsh, the host of America's Most Wanted, created the show after his son was abducted and murdered in 1988. As the murder went unsolved, Wash knew there needed to be more help for catching fugitives and finding answers. For 25 years, America's Most Wanted plastered the faces of fugitives on television and showed the world the crimes that they committed. Throughout the 25 years, the show helped catch 1,203 fugitives, including 17 people from the FBI's Most Wanted list. Elizabeth Smart, the missing teenager whose case was well-known throughout the country, and 63 other missing children were all found because of America's Most Wanted. The show informed the country and cleaned up the streets. It also paved the way for crime dramas by making the topic less taboo.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey had her own talk show between 1986 and 2011. Over the years, Oprah changed the way daytime television interacted with stay-at-home mothers, and others who were home during the day. Oprah didn't just interview celebrities; she talked about her favorite things, making others want to try them too. She subsequently told people what to read, eat, and wear. Stores everywhere sold books that she loved with her Oprah Book Club sticker in the corner as her seal of approval.

I Love Lucy

Real life couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz had their own sitcom from 1951 until 1957. Every other sitcom to date was filmed live with a single camera. I Love Lucy broke the mold by using three cameras while filming live. After producers saw what a success the show was, using three cameras for live filming became the norm in Los Angeles.

The Tonight Show

Johnny Carson was a pioneer for men's talk shows. In 1962, The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson premiered and changed comedy. He was the first one to do monologues and tell jokes at his own expense. He spent thirty years on the air "tucking people in at night". Johnny Carson paved the way for Jay Leno, Dave Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, and the other men who followed in his footsteps.

All in the Family

In the 1970's, family shows avoided any topic that was considered taboo. All in the Family was the only show that dared to examine these issues. The show even had a disclaimer to warn families that the show might talk about issues that make people uncomfortable. On a weekly basis, it would bring up topics such as racism, homosexuality, abortion, and anything else no one wanted to talk about.

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live was the first show of its kind. It premiered in 1975 and is still running today. The show features a wide variety of comedy acts such as musical, slapstick, and contemporary humor. Many people who have been a cast on Saturday Night Live became a common household names. Previous cast members include Adam Sandler, Bill Murray, John Belushi, and Will Ferrell. The show has a different celebrity host the show every week as well. The chosen celebrity gets to join in on the skits and have fun with the cast. Other shows such as Mad TV have tried to copycat, but no others have lived up to the name.

American Idol

When reality TV was first gaining popularity, American Idol changed how reality TV can help others. The show allows aspiring singers to sing on the show and take critiques from judges. People get sent home and eventually one is left standing to win a record deal. Now there are shows for singing, cooking, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, models, and more, but American Idol will always be the first.

Television isn't just for entertainment anymore. It's also to change people's lives; even if the only change is their viewpoint on hot issues or society in general. These 7 shows changed television forever. You can find old TV series for purchase at sites like http://pristine-sales.com.