Hosting A Children's Day At Your Neighborhood Park

23 May 2016
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If you volunteer for the recreational committee for your town's park, consider hosting activities for children in your community in an attempt to interest locals to come to the area. Festivities will be well received by both parents and children alike, perhaps leading to increased attendance in the park at other times. Here are some steps you can take to make this day memorable for all who decide to partake in the fun offered.

Give Parents A Memorable Photograph

Set up a photo-taking area for children and their caregivers to receive a complimentary picture of themselves to remember their day at the park. It is important to set up this station in an area close to electrical outlets. Create a spot to take photos where there is a floral background to give the finished product a splash of color.

One volunteer can take a digital photograph of the participants before they head off to other activities to try. Set up a table and chair for another volunteer to use to upload photos to a laptop computer. The photos can then be printed on glossy paper to give to the visitors before they leave the park. 

Create An Exciting Craft Area

Set up rented tables and chairs for children to use to do age-appropriate crafts to bring home at the end of their visit to the park. Set up one table to hold several bins full of construction paper, glue, safety scissors, glitter, beads, pom-poms, and pipe cleaners. Designate another table for creating masterpieces out of homemade clay. Another table can be used to make tie-dye shirts or spin art creations. Make sure there is an adult overseeing all projects so if children have difficulty, they will have someone available to assist them.

Offer Nutritious Snacks For Energy

Have food available for purchase or give out snacks as a benefit of going to the event. Granola bars, fresh fruit, or unsalted pretzels are some ideas in snack selection. Keep cold beverages inside coolers filled with ice underneath a table to help keep contents from warming in the sun. Another idea is to use a canopy to keep both guests and food safely in a shaded area. Make sure to set out several tables and chairs for participants to use when they feel like eating, drinking, or taking a break.

Play Fun, Competitive Games

Consider having children join in a friendly game of kickball, a session of tag, or a relay race. Interested parties can sign up for any competitive games you select at a sporting table. A volunteer can match up children according to age so teams or game sessions are relatively fair. Have the volunteer equipped with a megaphone so they can call out the events and where they will be located. This way children involved in other activities will know to head toward a playing field. Consider giving each child a medal or small trophy as an award for their involvement in a competition. Make sure each child receives an award so there are no tears at the end of the playtime.

To rent tables and chairs, click on this link or do an online search.