Preparing Yourself For The Chills And Thrills Of A Haunted House Excursion

23 September 2016
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


If you heard about a great haunted house opening for the Halloween season in your area, and you have never gone to one in the past, getting yourself primed for the big event can be extremely helpful in getting through the building successfully. Many who have never gone in a haunted house before may be a bit apprehensive about the experience, especially if they startle easily. Here are some tips you can use to get yourself ready for a fun time sure to make you appreciate the hard work of those who pull the acts together inside a haunted house for public entertainment.

Try Other Forms Of Horror Entertainment First

If you are wary about your response to ghouls and goblins jumping out of the darkness inside a haunted house, consider watching some horror flicks on your own to see what type of reaction you have when you get caught off-guard. Reading spooky stories can also be beneficial in setting the mood for horror before you go to the haunted house for a walk through. Doing this for a few weeks before you head out to the Halloween house may help inspire you to look for similarities in the backdrops, settings, and acting skills inside.

Bring Along Friends To Share The Experience

Going to a haunted house with group of friends or family members is the best way to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Having a helping hand to hold onto or someone to comfort if they are scared will be appreciated by either party and most likely will be laughed about when the trip through the building is over. The excursion will have great photo or video opportunities before and after the walk through portion and you will enjoy bragging rights after your and your entourage make your way to the exit door.

Dress The Part To Give You Added Courage

If you are worried that someone in the haunted house will think your fear is funny, dress up in a scary outfit yourself to give you a bit of added braveness as you walk about the premises. Dressing in vampire garb, adding some fake blood to make yourself appear injured, or painting your face in its entirety so no one can read your expression at all will give you a boost of courage when going about your tour. It also gives you an air of intrigue that will interest others going into the haunted house as well.