Creating a Great Bar Mitzvah DJ Playlist

30 March 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Every young Jewish man needs to go through a bar mitzvah. These celebrations are huge events that typically last a whole day. When hiring a DJ for one, it is important to create a playlist that is suits the event properly.

A Good List Needs a Variety of Music Types

A bar mitzvah typically goes through a variety of stages. First of all, people arrive and get ready for it to begin. Then, there is a presentation by the young man, a dinner, a candle lighting ceremony, and a celebration after everything is over. So it has a unique combination of the serious and holy and a more fun and exciting energy.

As a result, it is important to pick songs and music styles that go well with individual sections. For example, the candle lighting ceremony needs very subdued and holy music. However, the celebration segment can include high-energy dance music that is fun for attendants of all ages.

Typical Songs for a Bar Mitzvah

A good bar mitzvah playlist should follow the schedule of the mitzvah in a way that promotes an appropriate atmosphere. For example, while people are arriving and sitting down, it is a good idea to play appropriate traditional Jewish music, such as the Mazel Tov and Hava Nagila. These pieces of music will put the guests in the proper frame of mind and make them feel more comfortable.

Once everyone has sat down and is mingling, light dinner music is a good idea. Songs from the big band era or crooner tunes (such as music by Nate King Cole and Etta James) are a great idea here. These songs will create a light atmosphere that will suit the social mingling.

After dinner and the presentation are over, it is okay to start putting on some more upbeat music. At this point, everyone is going to be looking to have a little fun. What kind of music does the young man enjoy? Find out and ask him for his favorite dance hits. Make sure they appropriate for a large group of people.

For example, popular songs such as "YMCA" by the Village People are going to get many of the grandparents and parents up and dancing. More modern dance music, such as that created by DeadMau5 or Skrillex, is going to inspire the younger partygoers. Those artists are a good choice because they typically don't use lyrics or inappropriate language.

The best idea here is to talk with the young man receiving the bar mitzvah and his parents. They can give a DJ the best idea for great song ideas. They can also approve or deny song ideas that the DJ has which may not be appropriate for the situation. To learn more about hiring a DJ for a bar mitzvah, talk to entertainment companies like Sound Choice Events.