Three Unexpected Results Of Taking Piano Lessons As An Adult

5 April 2017
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People often associate piano lessons as a worthwhile activity for children, but it's important to realize that many teachers will happily welcome adults, too. If you have always wanted to learn how to play the piano but have never made it a priority, there's no better time than now. Your local piano teacher can not only help you learn the fundamentals and theory of playing, but also help you achieve your specific goals, whether it's to play hymns with your family around the holidays or eventually play the keyboard as a member of a local jazz group. Throughout this learning experience, you may be happy to notice the following unexpected results.

A Reduction In Your Stress

You may be eager to reduce your overall stress level but struggle to find a way to accomplish this goal. You'll be pleased to know that learning to play the piano can help to reduce your stress. As long as you're patient with yourself as you learn and don't put any unrealistic expectations on yourself, this activity can be highly relaxing. After a stressful day at work, spending a bit of time at the piano once you arrive home can shift your emotional state in short order.

An Improvement In Your Coordination

Learning to play the piano involves a high degree of coordination. This is something that you'll gradually build up to with careful instruction. Being able to freely move your fingers on each hand in an unrelated manner, as well as use your foot on the piano's pedals, will get your body moving in a manner that you may not have experienced in the past. You may feel that you're more highly coordinated as a result of your lessons, which can be beneficial in other endeavors, too.

A Boost To Your Confidence

You may also notice that learning to play the piano provides a valuable boost to your confidence. As an adult, it's easy to fall into a rut of not trying any new things — you go to work, enjoy the hobbies that you've enjoyed for years, and don't otherwise add new challenges to your life. Learning to play the piano and eventually being able to play at a level that satisfies you can make you feel happy about the accomplishment, and this may provide a boost to your overall confidence level. Higher confidence, in turn, can translate into several areas of your life.