Start Your Staff Meeting With A Round Of Group Juggling For Team Building

13 May 2017
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If you would like to incorporate a team building exercise at the beginning of your staff meeting, then group juggling is a fun team building game that you should try. For group juggling, you need to break your staff into two equal groups of people that will compete against each other. Provide each group a basket of tennis balls that they will use to juggle together as a group. The winning group is the one that is able to keep the most tennis balls in the air at one time. Here is more information on how to successfully play the group juggling game with your staff and what your employees will learn from playing:

Give the Group Juggling Game a Time-frame

Once you have two groups of people that are going to compete in the juggling contest, then you should give them a set time-frame to practice and then one for the competitive game. If you have plenty of time for your staff meeting, then you should allow ten or fifteen minutes for each stage. However, if you are pressed for time, give a few minutes for practice and then just five minutes for the game. The tight time-frame will add a bit of stress to the situation and will make the game more fun as the group try to get their tennis balls up. 

Provide a Prize for the Winning Group

If you want your employees to take the group juggling game seriously, you can offer a prize to the winning group. Your prize can be something tangible like a candy bar, or something equally as enjoyable. Alternatively, the winning group of people could be allowed to leave a little early on Friday evening.

What Your Staff Learn from Playing the Group Juggling Game

As your employees are playing the group juggling game and are working together at trying to figure out how to keep the maximum number of tennis balls in the air, they are learning about cooperation and problem-solving. Ultimately, the group that communicates and works together to figure out how to juggle the most balls at once will be the one that talks to each other, makes a plan, and then modifies that plan until they are able to juggle more balls. As your employees have fun playing the game, they are also learning to work better together and overcome obstacles. Additionally, they are also making memories and having fun they will remember and talk about for a long time.

An alternative to playing the group juggling game is to allow employees to take a field trip together to a place like Houdini’s Room Escape, where they can overcome a challenge together.