Need A Wedding Venue? 4 Things To Consider

24 November 2019
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When it comes to making choices about your wedding, the venue that you choose is really important. The venue is going to set the tone and mood for your wedding and determine so many other elements of your wedding. That is why you need to choose carefully when it comes to picking a wedding venue.

1. Consider the Date

When it comes to choosing a venue, you need to consider when you want to get married. With some venues, you may need to book your date months or even years in advance. If you want to get married in the summer, expect more competition for dates. If you want to get married in the winter, you may be able to book a venue not as far in advance. If you want to get married on a popular date, be prepared to pay more for a venue.

2. Ceremony & Reception

Next, you need to determine if you are looking for a location where you can hold both the ceremony and the reception or if you are looking for two different locations for your ceremony and reception. One way to save money can be to rent a venue where both the ceremony and reception can take place. Venues that have multiple areas to use are great for a combination venue, such as a location with a beautiful outside garden for the ceremony and a large hall for the reception.

3. Really Think About the Location

You really need to think about the location and how that will impact who will attend the wedding. Do you want a destination wedding? If so, plan on having a small wedding celebration with a select group of family and friends. Do you want to get married in the town you grew up in or the town that you live in now? The closer the location is to family and friends, the more likely you are to get more RSVPs and have more people attend the wedding.

4. Be Mindful of Capacity

Finally, you need to be mindful of the capacity of the venue. You want a venue that is big enough for your guest list. However, you also don't want to rent a venue that is too big, either. For example, if you only plan on inviting 75 people, and are planning on having about 50 people attend, booking a venue that is made for 150 people will feel overwhelming, and you will lose the feeling of an intimate and full wedding. You want to be careful to pick a venue that is just the right size for your wedding.

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, you want to pick a wedding venue that has the date you are looking for available, is in the right location for your guests, and offers you the right capacity for your particular needs.