Video Game Soundtrack Records Help Motivate You For A Work-At-Home Day

24 January 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Video games maintain a long tradition for helping people escape from a stressful day of work. After coming home from a rough time at the office, relaxing in front of a monitor playing a fun space or fantasy game gives the mind a rest. What if you work at home and need something to help motivate you throughout the day? While you can't likely play video games while productively working on your computer, you can draw on famous games' music for inspiration. With the release of so many video game soundtracks on vinyl, you won't run short of any musical choices.

Music Helps Solves Drudgery of Mundane Work

Everyone struggles with motivation to work at some point. Doing the same tasks day-after-day sometimes leads to slacking. Music, it has been said, motivates the mind and the spirit. Of course, if you want to feel motivated, you want tunes that deliver that result. Video game soundtracks, in particular, have great potential to motivate since they are usually upbeat and thrilling. Game designers don't want players to feel bored while trying to solve a complex narrative. So, they work with composers to come up with exciting soundtracks. Allow vinyl versions of those soundtracks to thrill you during the workday.

Choosing the Right Genre

The different genres of video games come with their particular styles of soundtracks. A fantasy game might come with a full orchestral sound, while a horror movie may attempt to stimulate someone more cerebrally. Think about building up a decent collection of soundtrack albums. This way, you can choose the most impacting soundtrack from the most appropriate genre at the right time. With so many soundtracks available, you have much to choose from.

Displaying the Vinyl Sleeves

The way you store your vinyl records also plays a role and how they motivate you. Better yet, don't store them. Display the brilliant photo or illustrative artwork on the covers. Mounting exceptional looking soundtrack slipcases on the wall in your workroom can take you to a better place when performing mundane tasks. Imagine performing the more dull aspects of your job and looking up to see a slipcase featuring an action scene from the wild, wild west. Such imagery could change your mindset quickly and make you more willing to tackle the day.

Fantastic talent and artistry go into creating a video game soundtrack. Work-at-home professionals may find that music has benefits beyond gameplay stimulation alone.