Stages That You May Find In A High Ropes Course

26 October 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


If you're looking for a unique team-building activity for your company, an activity for a birthday party, or something to get you outside to try something new, a high ropes course may be something to check out. You'll commonly find high ropes courses in areas that have lots of trees, which can make for a fun day trip into a rural setting if you live in the city. For much of your time on this course, you'll be walking along ropes or pieces of wood that are connected to ropes, but you'll often come across other stages that can pose a challenge. Here are three stages that you may encounter in a high ropes course.


A zipline is often an attraction that you enjoy on its own, but you'll sometimes find that this feature is part of your high ropes course. For example, you may traverse part of the course and reach something of a dead end. With the next part of the course in the distance, it will be necessary to strap into a zipline and travel from one part of the course to the other. While you'll spend much of the course walking slowly and methodically, the presence of the zipline can be appealing because of the high speed at which you'll travel.

Climbing Net

Although you'll travel horizontally for the majority of the course, there will be times that you'll need to move vertically. There are different ways to accomplish this movement, but one stage that you'll often encounter is a large climbing net. For example, when you get to the end of one section of the course, you'll face a net that you'll either need to climb up or down. Climbing up, especially, can make for a significant challenge for the muscles of your upper body.


In advanced high ropes courses, you'll sometimes need to hang onto a length of rope or a bar and swing from one platform to another. The distance between platforms might be short, but there's little question that this stage can be challenging because of how high you are off the ground — even when you're fully secure because of the harness that you're wearing. The mental challenge is especially notable, as it takes a high degree of confidence to jump off a platform that might be dozens of feet in the air. Visit a high ropes course to encounter these stages and other challenging elements.