3 Ways To Mix Fireworks With Birthday Desserts

3 May 2021
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Birthday celebrations are often extravagant, exciting, over-the-top celebrations. One way to take a dessert to the next level is with fireworks. A variety of low-impact fireworks and sparklers can enhance desserts and create a mesmerizing display. Learn about three products to showcase at your next birthday party celebration.

1. Bottle Sparklers

Birthday desserts are often served with celebratory drinks like wine and champagne. Use sparklers to enhance the presentation. Bottle Sparklers are made to insert into the top of bottles and have extended sparkling times to last a while. The bottom of the sparklers has a plastic piece to cover up the bottle and prevent any debris inside the bottle.

The sparklers come in different colors including silver and gold. See a variety of options when you shop for fireworks for sale.

2. Shaped Sparklers

Instead of traditional birthday candles, top a cake with shaped sparklers. Shaped sparklers come in many shapes and designs. For a birthday cake, purchase sparklers formed in the design of specific numbers. You light the sparklers from the bottom and the sparks follow the pattern of the design.

Along with numbers, find other shapes like stars or hearts. When lit up, the sparklers create great photo opportunities. If you hand out cupcakes, every person at a party can have their own sparkler placed inside the cupcake. Everyone can light their sparklers at the same time and create a unique look for the birthday party.

3. Cake Toppers

Shop for novelty fireworks that can create fun cake toppers. Serve the cake outdoors before lighting the firework. Firework designs come in all kinds of whimsical shapes and sizes. For example, you could purchase a dragon firework that launches sparklers out of its mouth to look like the dragon is shooting flames.

Other animal shapes include dogs, cats, and small insects like ladybugs. You can place the toppers right on the cake or around the edge of a cake display. Many of the cake toppers will ignite for lengthy times, giving you the opportunity to sing "Happy Birthday" before the sparkler ends.

When you shop for cake toppers, make sure you do not purchase any fireworks that feature spinners or excess smoke. Those firework features may ruin the cake. Frosting could come off, or the top of the cake could taste smoky.

Shop around to find designs that fit your party festivities. Once you find a design you like, you can purchase the same fireworks for all future birthday celebrations.