What Is An Off-Broadway Preview Night?

5 October 2022
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As theater shows go into production, you can follow many stages of the production. The show may include rehearsals, costume fittings, and stage building. The first chance for the public to see the show typically comes during a preview night. A preview night comes with several unique features and is different from a traditional opening.

If you are interested in seeing off-Broadway productions, then learn about preview night opportunities and the purpose behind the shows.

What Is a Preview Night?

A preview night runs like a full dress rehearsal of a show. So for a show like The Cold Blooded Show, characters would dress in alligator costumes and perform all of their stunts and actions throughout the play. The show aims to see audience reactions while working on timing, structure, and story elements.

In some cases, the show may go longer than the final product and could include extra scenes or alternate songs the production may decide to cut from the final performance. Preview nights may have a limited crowd capacity and only sell half the theater. Each show differs in the audience count.

Investors & Future Performances

While critics are often left out of preview shows, the production team may reserve some of the seats for possible investors. The preview nights showcase the possibility of a show's success and ways investors could support the show. For example, a show may start off-Broadway but expand to Broadway with some help from investors.

The previews are also a good way to set up licensing agreements for the show. A production may use preview shows to encourage other theaters to run their own productions of the stage show. Licensing agreements allow shows to use scripts and musical numbers for a fee. The preview shows allow the performances to shine and build up hype for future potential.

Preview Night Tickets

The best way to seek out preview night tickets is through the official website of the production. Follow the production on social media to see when tickets go on sale. With a limited amount of preview shows, you will want to purchase tickets early and ensure you can attend one of the preview shows.

Preview nights may include more chances to meet the cast or score some of the exclusive merchandise before it goes on sale to the general public.

For more information on preview shows, look for specific shows you want to attend and see the events calendar. A preview show is a unique experience that allows you to see professional productions before general audiences.